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Do you know the feeling?


Men in Sportishwear are hot! Period. I mean, can anybody doubt the reason why wearing gear underneath the clothes, be it singlets, Jockstraps, or G-Strings became the sexiest fantasy for Hunks nowadays and made Sportishwear the talk of the town?

Sportishwear can drive men absolutely nuts for a number of reasons. First of all, the experience of secretly be wearing something as slinky and desirable as spandex or lycra underneath your daily clothes is simply unbeatable.

Then, it’s the storm of feelings that take over the second you slip into a pair of sportishwear gear:
How it caresses your body while giving you the royal treatment you wish for your gracious package and arse.
How it holds tight against the skin and smoothly and sensationally rubs on your junk and butt.

How cuddly and, simultaneously, horny it makes you feel to walk and have such a soft, lustrous fiber between your legs, stretching when you sit and tightening your body on it.

What better way to make bulges present the whole of their greatness! You can only imagine how horny and excited your partner can be, the moment he lays eyes on you in that sexy gear, when every move you make in it is another opportunity to get him (and you) even more aroused.

Let’s face it. It feels so great to know you can live the fantasy and, at the same time, become another stud’s walking dream, doesn’t it? That’s what sportishwear does for you… to you.

assless singlet

It’s  a trap!

Most gay men admit having tried fetishwear out of curiosity for the first time. Some started by borrowing unpadded cycling shorts from mates and wore them under their nylon footy shorts. Others loved looking at other heart-stopping men in spandex. Regardless of what made them try on the fine silk fabric, they all ended up falling head over heels with sportishwear gear.

Give a Peek!

You and only YOU know what is underneath unless you choose to give guys a small, but powerful, peak of what you are wearing underneath to get the party started. That little peak can be more than enough to trigger an entirely new experience between you and whoever is on your focus.
Freedom to be yourself – Even under the strict business dress code, you can still be the man you know you are. Can you feel how your package throbs against the thin fabric? Stimulating, isn’t it?

Tight-fitting jeans or trousers with snuggling underwear make firm little bums, and impressive bulges look even more amazing. What if you were invited to discreetly put your hands down those trousers and run your fingers over a gorgeous pouch and incredible bulge!

Beware. The moment you slip into a pair of our gear, you know you have taken a road of no return. The journey toward sportish gear freedom starts right at that very moment. And, being a man in gear living a sportishwear lifestyle has never been easier, hotter, or more convenient!

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Now that you know, can you stand not knowing the feeling?

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