The Edging game?


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UNB Readers Winner!

Add the "UNB Readers Award 2018" Winner to your collection! Voted by thousands of readers as the best "Spandex Design Category" 2018.

Now the improved new mesh spandex version, with one layer bulge pouch! More bulge sheer for you! Bigger bubble butt effect and smooth silk touch!

If you are lycra addicted or a beginner, you will sell your soul on the moment you put this on. This mesh spandex lifts your junk and stretches the pouch making that massive pouch on the front with a teasing almost see thru. Get a bubble butt with the unique 4 Hunks slash cut on the back.

Add this "UNB Readers Award" Winner design to your collection today!

95%  Polyamide 05% Elastane

4 Hunks undergarments sizing is measured at the lower waist. To find your waist size, measure your torso about 4 cm below the belly button. To find your size in all of our tops, measure your chest around, 2 cm below your arm pit.

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