About us

4 Hunks

Life is about experiences and choices we make, right? Growing and evolving is just part of life.

Why Sportishwear?

We believe that fetishwear has to evolve and the evolution is Sportishwear.
Sportishwear is about having new sex experiences through gear. It's about how it makes you feel and the experiences that it brings to your life.

Designing Sportishwear:

Our designs are based on true life experiences or life fantasies. Every Sportishwear design has a story behind, an experience or a fantasy.

The ride:

"The goal is the way!"
Every collection and Design represents a new experience and moment in time that we want to share with you. Each design represents an experience that we believe will give you moments to remember.

Every design going out of line is a circle that was experienced and left behind, like any other in life.

If you are up to new experiences and to create amazing experiences, join the ride with us!