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4 Hunks Berlin, fetish gear singlet, spandex, enhancing bulge underwear plus athletic underwear styles. Jocks, briefs, boxer, harness, football socks.

4 Hunks

4 Hunks – Sportishwear is our thing. We’ve blurred the lines between fetishwear and sports attire in these designs. Forget about taking off your regular clothes or athletic clothes to change into your fetishwear — we’ve combined the two, making it more stylish and sleek than ever to transition between the two settings.

4 Hunks Berlin, fetish gear singlet, spandex, enhancing bulge underwear, sportishwear


Our message has always been one of empowerment. No matter who you are, what you do, how you live, who you love, or how you play, we want you to feel empowered in doing so. Live life for yourself. Live life bold. Live life empowered. We craft more than just clothes at 4Hunks; our sportishwear series, especially, allows men all over the world to feel more empowered and comfortable with their body and sexuality.

Live more – Regret Less!

4 hunks sportishwear

Life is full of memories, fun times, bad times, mistakes and ups and downs. Life is full of life. Life is life. One thing that shouldn’t be a part of life? Regret. Life is about living bold and being true to who you are — not about what you haven’t done or should have done in the past. The weight of those hypothetical questions is exhausting and toxic; live in the moment.

4-Hunks is all about living in the moment. Realize that life’s too short not to eat the cake, drink the alcohol and buy the sexy sportishwear! When you step into one of our bold, vivacious pieces of underwear or fetishwear, you can’t help but feel full of life.


spandex fetish gear backless singlet

We believe that sportishwear gear should exceed your expectations, creating joy and making you feel empowered wearing it. Therefore we take the time to design and develop the most trendy, unique and comfortable fetishgear.

Whether you decide to wear this collection to complement the athletic gear you wear to the gym, wear underneath your clothes at the office, or use it to dress up for fetish events and festivals, our mission in creating these outfits is to make you feel empowered.

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4 hunks berlin sportishwear