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4 hunks berlin jockstrap mesh

Pouch Evolution

Seamless Pouch! The Future is here!

We believe that is time for an evolution in the underwear world. Therefore we are taking the underwear pouch to the next level. At 4 Hunks we develop the first real seamless pouch technology.
The grenade pouch technology provides a full-frontal bulge look, as you have never experienced before!

We believe that the grenade pouch technology will empower you to a next level. In addition to that, we designed a pouch; which drives all the attention to the front part, due to the one layer sheer front.

4 hunks berlin jockstrap mesh

The built-in enhancing technology gives your junk an extra support, lifting it up and molding it like a grenade ready to burst.

Jock seamless bulge pouch

The most challenging is to design a jock that empowers you on every angle, also from the side and from the back.
For that reason, we create a unique front with low waist, a slim side waist view and a big round butt look from behind to empower you to the next level.

Jock seamless bulge pouch
Jock seamless bulge pouch

This new technology empowers you to a whole new level!

Get ready to load up!

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