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The Incredible DJ Paul Coals – UK

DJ Paul Coals ukCan you tell us a bit about yourself?
Whilst I have lived in London all my life and been part of one of the world’s most amazing music scenes, I’m lucky that my job takes me to many different venues and cities, both in the UK and internationally. I’ve been a DJ for about twenty years, however, I am also the promoter of Twisted, a men-only party that’s has its home at one of London’s most infamous clubs, but also been touring a number of different countries across Europe and North America. I started the brand about 18 months ago and have been lucky to have already held more than 25 events. We’ve got lots planned for the next few months – and the calendar is already getting busy for next year!!

When did you start playing?
About twenty years ago… I used to concierge at one of London’s leading luxury, boutique hotels… but decided to chuck that in and follow my life passion… I’ve never looked back. DJing has allowed me to see so many different parts of the world and play in some of the biggest and best Clubs in the world like Space, and Pacha Ibiza. M.O.S, and so on.

Can you describe your music in a few words?
Deep, energetic, dirty tech house. I also play Circuit – it really depends on the country and type of venue where I’m playing.

What excites you most by playing?
To be honest, getting to see so many different places and cities. I love reading the crowd and taking them on a journey. For me, no two sets or venues are ever the same. Whilst I take time to think about what I’m going to play, it’s impossible (and unprofessional) to presume and dictate how the night should go… Go with the flow is my motto!!

What inspire to play ?
Music allows you to detach from everyday life and just escape… like sport, it also also brings communities together Even if you don’t speak the same language, you can share experiences through music… As a DJ, seeing a crowd enjoying themselves is the best thing ever, especially with people living such busy lives today…

What was the most exciting experience you had as a DJ till now?
As a DJ the real highlight was playing on the Sunset Terraza Terrace at Space in Ibiza. It’s the number one club in the world and after going there many times, it finally happened. The outside terrace is one of the best dance floors I know. However, TWISTED is taking me to so many different places at the moment and they just get better and better – really love working with different people around the world. Am just hoping I can make it to some of the closing parties later this year!! 🙂


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