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Going Undercover

assless singlet

Berlin, 09 March 2018

After work, I went directly to the gym. “Weekend! finally!”.
I spent 2 hours at the gym. It was a hard session. I came back so tired that, I just had made my protein shake and fell asleep on the couch.
My cell is ringing. I wake up. It’s Daniel, telling me not to arrive too late at the bar.
Today is Boys night at Tokyo’s Bar. I’m thrilled.

I’m showering. The hormones are kicking in after leg day. I’m horny. I don’t need underwear tonight; I need a partner in crime! 😉 

I’m looking through my undies. The cold soft fabric is rubbing my hand. It felt so seductive.

I am checking my bulge and my butt in the mirror wearing my blue mesh singlet. It feels so damn hot!

The fabric is rubbing my skin – between my legs, my cock, my butt …

My bulge looks so hot in the sheer mesh!

I’m changing back and forth from brief to blue mesh singlet and cannot make up my mind. 

I must confess I wanted to go out undercover with that singlet for quite a while, but I never did. The idea to go out undercover as “Undr_Spendx,” wearing my hot blue mesh singlet under my clothes always excited me. 

I resisted so many times, but this time the feeling is stronger than me. I put my grey jogging pants and my white t-shirt on and call the cab. 

I’m walking to the door and see myself in the mirror. I see the blue mesh singlet slightly through my T-shirt.
A feeling of excitement and joy overtakes me.


I’m sitting in the cab. That feeling of the slippery spandex on my butt made me sooo horny!

assless singlet
assess singlet

At the bar, the guys start to notice my singlet underneath my t-shirt.
I feel butts rubbing against mine and the cold mesh on my skin.

The singlet holding my shoulder, the side stripes stretching when I move and my pants rubbing against the fine mesh on my junk when I walk. My heartbeat starts to raise.

A Hunk approaches me and asks, what I am wearing underneath my t-shirt. My heart races and I start to feel heat overcoming my body.  

“If you follow me, I’ll give you a private peek”, I answered. He follows!

I felt so empowered! 🙂

assless singlet

It was such an unforgettable night!
Imagine, if I didn’t dare to be brave, I would never have had this fantastic experience.



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