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DJ Soren – open up for 4 Hunks Blog

DJ Soren Luka France

DJ Søren Luka

Can you tell us a bit about yourself ?
I’m Søren Luka, i’m a French DJ and i play around the Europe. Maybe you’ve already attended one of m gigg on a dancefloor : i’ve often played for canal pride in Amsterdam, or the closing of the Barcelona gay pride this  last summer (2016). Moreover, i’m resident dj for REVELATION party in Bruxelles, GAMEBOY party in Lausanne, GLAM club  in Nice and the IMPERIAL in Lyon.
I’ve created with some friends an event structure DREAMBOX EVENTS to organise some gay events in Europe : parties, pool parties, openning, …

When did you start playing?
I will celebrate this year, my 10th anniversary. I think i have a lucky star, i was quickly booked for some European gay venues (Ibiza, Barcelone, Milan, …).

Why did you start playing?
Music was my passion since when i was young. I was barman when i was student and i’ve worked with Mister O, one friend DJ, We have started to play together in different places.

Can you describe your music in a few words?
I like to manage my session according to the atmosphere, the crowd, the club, ….  i love vocal happy and tribal sounds. When i play in Belgium or Germany, i manage my sound more tech-progressive, more poxerful and more male !

What excites you most by playing?
To communicate and to share my positive vibes with the crowd when the sound is high and people screaming.

What inspire to play ?
I like to discover new tracks, I’m curious ! It’s like a gold digger when he’s looking for gold nuggets!! Impatient to play and to share it at parties !!

What was the most exciting experience you had as a DJ till now?
One of the most exciting experience was last summer for the official closing of the Barcelona GayPride, in front of   Facing 60 000 persons. People. AMAZING and POWERFULL moment ! Sure i will remember it for a longtime.
french dj soren luka
What your guilty pleasure?
I can have some musical orgasms ! True !

Where can people find your music?
It’s easy, i’ve my own website. i like to add daily some news and new bookings. Follow me on :

Where will you be playing next?
Soon, In Bruxelles and Lausanne for New Eve, lot of bookings in France (Nice, Strasbourg, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux).And don’t miss it in KÖLN at the NAUGHTY CONTROL und REVELATION PARTY in Brussels.

How can people book you?
It’s possible to communicate via my Facebook profile : SØREN LUKA , page SØREN LUKA –DJ PAGE and INSTAGRAM

DJ  Søren Luka is wearing 4 Hunks  Harness Uwe on this pictures.


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