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About Us

About Us

“Live Life to the Most!”

Sticking to this motto, our brand, 4 Hunks, was founded by the fashion designer named Marcos Suzuki. It actually started in Berlin on the month of June 2012. Ever since the release of our first collection, we already have shown our clear mission in the market. We actually aim to open the minds of customers who are interested in gay fashion. We also want to clearly emphasize the freedom of the wearers and support them of standing in what they believe in life. 

The motto itself speaks of letting them feel sexier while wearing sexy underwear designs. Our collection is representing the world of fantasy and magic. This will make a stand and a call for men to feel sexy, special and proud.

There are 4 sizes that men can choose from including designs that are available in different choices that are sure to meet the needs of all.

From the Table of Marco Suzuki

As I started 4 Hunks, it is my vision to have a unique fashion label that can make a stand for love, freedom and equality. I deeply want 4 Hunks to send the message to the young generation of coming out and the time is right to stop being ashamed. They just need to be proud of who they really are.

I firmly believe that people who say they love you will accept you no matter what you are. They will also never try to change you. In 4 Hunks, I want to let everyone know that they should accept how beautiful they are as individuals. They should also love it as you now have the freedom of living your life just like the way you want it to. I want you just like them to feel loved just like how they want it to be.

At 4 Hunks, we want to show the world that it is the right of every individual to love and be loved.